Variable fonts are the next major advancement in typographic technology. They have the potential to profoundly change the role of the typeface designer, typographer and the viewer. Typography can now respond to and interact with its environment, at the command of both the user and the viewer. Letterforms can vary to suit any sort of context, responding to any sort of data, producing any number of results imaginable, all within the remit of the typeface designer and without enormous file sizes. Typographic form is no longer definitive.
     The aim of this project is to promote the adoption of variable fonts amongst graphic designers, demonstrating both their historical significance and their potential to begin new chapter in digital typography. The book uses a narrative of past, present and future to show where the idea of typographic variability has come from, demonstrate what variable fonts can do today, and to speculate what they could do in future. In doing so I am suggesting that variable fonts are the next major advancement in typographic technology.
This project awarded me membership into the International Society of Typographic Designers.
Thank you!
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