The rave is a ritual to perform, an escape and embrace of technologized pleasure. It can be spiritual, with participants reporting feeling ‘close to God’ in the grips of bass-drum induced ecstasy. This typographically-led campaign aims to celebrate techno music culture by highlighting the spiritual value it can offer. It was designed in response to the D&AD Monotype brief and comprises of a visual language manifested in a printed publication, promotional poster and video.  
Visual research exploring themes of ritual, ecstasy, repetition and religion.
The main typographic piece references the modular percussive structure of techno music and is used dynamically across different applications.
Printed Publication.
The printed publication is an ambiguous, cinematic representation of ecstasy.
Sheets of coloured cellophane act like stained glass windows, or the lights of a rave.
Typographic representation of techno music percussion which increases in complexity as self-transcendence occurs.
Promotional poster.
Promotional video.
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